Tuff Pup Practice

Tuff Pup Practice

Tuff Pup Practice is a drop-in group class that offers ongoing practice opportunities and skill-building guidance for dogs and their families. You see… practice makes perfect. Okay. There. We said it.

To be elligable for class you must be a current Tuff Pup Training client or have worked with us in the past.

Join Tuff Pup Training in keeping your dog’s training and behavior up to date with training games. Come by every week or just when you and your pup need a tune-up.

In this class…

  • Hour long class.

  • Group Focus: Each class has one main skill to tackle with your dog. We have everyone work on the same focus theme and introduce games, challenges and distractions to help you and your dog improve through that one main goal.

  • Individual Focus: Halfway through each class we break to work on individual goals. The class instructor will give individual attention to questions, specific goals, and troubleshooting. You can bring questions to discuss.

  • Examples of topics we work on:

    • Reliable Recalls

    • Stronger and reliable Stays

    • Improve reaction time to cues and prompts

    • Advanced Concepts in Motivation

    • Recall Races - fastest dog to sit front and then finish wins! (there could be prizes involved!)

    • Work through major distractions - people, dogs, bikes, skateboards, bouncing balls, overturned hotdog trucks, etc.  

    • Tricks, lots of trick training.

    • Cafe Training - dog holds a long down at your feet.

    • Tug O' War - proper use of tug as a reward for obedience and a command for releasing objects from their jaws.

    • Friendly Games, Contests and Competitions - fastest recall, longest down, best trick, etc.

    • …much more.

Current class help at Just4Paws in Mt. Airy Philadelphia every Sunday morning from 10:45am - 11:45am.

(Located at 633 W. Rittenhouse Philadelphia, PA 19144. Inside the Rittenhouse Hill Apartments).


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