Tuff Pup Jr

Tuff Pup jr.

Tuff Pup Jr is Tuff Pup Training’s puppy group class offering you an opportunity to get the earliest and best possible jump start for your new pup. Veterinary research has shown that the most impressionable periods for a puppy’s mental development occur before 16 weeks of age. Puppies are learning every minute, with or without our influence. We want to makes sure you don’t miss the critical periods. We’ll show you how to give your puppy a jump start to becoming a great family dog.

Pups that are between 7 weeks - 5 months of age can learn appropriate play habits through structured group play and learn the most important early life skills along with their families.

In this class…

  • Training: We teach all the fundamental skills such as name recognition, sit, come, down, stay, stand, bed, leave it, loose leash walking and more.

  • Play time: You will get structured puppy play time with other puppies in classes where you will learn in real time how to interpret your puppy’s play style and how best to referee inter-pup play. Learn what to expect from your puppy at different developmental stages and learn how to be proactive in your puppy’s care based on age.

  • Get a jump start on socializing your pup with a variety of sounds, smells textures and obstacles.

  • Learn how to teach your puppy to reliably pay attention with Tuff Pup Training’s 3 key games for successful attention.

  • Prepare your puppy for grooming and vet visits with confidence-building body handling exercises.

  • Teach your puppy how to settle when over-excited around other dogs and guests to your house.

  • Learn to focus your puppy’s energy into structured play time (fetch, tug-of-war, Frisbee, etc)

  • Troubleshoot potty training issues.

Having concerns about socializing your puppy early? Tuff Pup Training follows veterinarian recommended guidelines for early puppy socialization:

Location and Scheduling:


South Philly:

Current classes are held at Bark Park! in South Philly.

(Located at 1930 W Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19145.)

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