The Puppy Program


Puppy Program:

Have you just become the new owner of a very young, new-to-this-world puppy? Is this your first time raising a puppy this young? Let us help. This program is a super injection of puppy training knowledge straight into your brain. Perhaps you’ve been reading about dog training endlessly from all sources possible, but you’re ready for some structure with a professional to guide you along. If you want to give your puppy a solid training foundation on which to build a lifetime of “good dog!” behaviors, then consider the full puppy program.  

This program includes:

  • 6 one-hour sessions, meeting once a week for 6 weeks.
  • Personalized guidance from a certified pet dog trainer.
  • Extensive work on housebreaking with a personalized housebreaking schedule, detailed guidelines, proper crate training and specific training rituals all laid out to make housebreaking easy and quick.
  • Access to additional in-depth training outlines on training topics.
  • Proper human socialization exercises for grooming, vet check-ups and anti-aggression.
  • Teaching bite-inhibition to create a soft mindful puppy mouth. 
  • Teaching of all the fundamental skills such as name recognition, sit, come, down, stay, stand, bed, leave it and loose leash walking.
  • Weekly outline of exercises.   


Below is our puppy program pricing. You can view our full pricing menu for all of our training programs by clicking hERE.

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To schedule call (631) 379-6850 or send us a service inquiry through our contact Page to get recommendations on which program would be the best fit for your training goals.


All of our training programs include phone or e-mail guidance between sessions to ensure the highest quality of service and a full understanding of the training techniques.