Referrals Program

Referral Program

Have you enjoyed working with Tuff Pup Training? Tell others. For every friend or family member you refer to Tuff Pup Training you could can receive a $10 discount that you can put toward any future training programs or behavior consultations with us.

How It Works:

  1. Spread The Word:  Tell someone to check out Tuff Pup Training services. It could be a friend, a family member, a dog park buddy, etc.
  2. They Start Their Training Program:  When your referral signs up for the program they'll have a chance to fill in a registration form where they can answer the question "How did you hear about Tuff Pup Training?"
  3. They Mention You By Name:  If they put your name in the form you'll automatically be part of the program. When they start their program you'll get an e-mail letting you know you have a $10 off discount waiting for you to use on any future training appointments with Tuff Pup Training.

Common Referral Program Questions:

Do the discounts add up?

Yes. If multiple people mention you in their registration forms you'll receive an additional discount of $10 for each referral. That means if 3 different people mention you in their forms you get $30 off.

Do the $10 discount offers expire?

Nope. Your accumulating discounts don't expire. However, Tuff Pup Training only offers training programs within the Philadelphia area. If you move out of the Philadelphia area you will no longer be able to use your discount. Also, your accumulated $10 discounts are non-transferable. So if you are moving out of Philadelphia consider contacting us and we can schedule an appointment for a time before your move. 

How do I know if I successfully referred someone?

We will e-mail you. We keep track of the offered discounts through those e-mails. It will let you know that you you had a successful referral and can use the associated discount. Each $10 discount will be mentioned in a separate e-mail. Be sure to keep those e-mails.

Can I use my discount on my own current program?

Unfortunately no. The referral discounts are $10 off vouchers that can only be used for future training programs or behavior consultations. They are meant to be used the next time you make a payment to Tuff Pup Training. For example, If you are currently working through a puppy program you can use your discounts for your dog's basic (adolescent) manners program or on a separate behavior consultation session. You can use it toward an advanced or trick training program. You can use it toward a 3-week clinic or for a single consultation session if a specific behavior concern arises in the future. Keep an eye on our Service Options and pricing page for ideas.

How quickly can I use my discount after I have referred someone to Tuff Pup Training?

Your referred friend or family member must begin their training program (have their first training appointment) in order for you to receive the $10 discount associated with that referral. Once you receive an e-mail informing you of a successful referral it's yours to use for future training.

Please contact us If you have any questions about the Tuff Pup Training referral program.