Puppy Tutoring

Tuff Pup Tutoring

That’s right! We’ll train your dog around your home and neighborhood while you’re at work or running errands. Our Tuff Pup Tutoring program is a unique way to speed up the learning process for your puppy by combining our in-home coaching approach with you and we follow that up with one-on-one training with your pup. While you’ll still be involved in your dog’s training, this “tutoring” program gives us dog trainers lots of time to do the thing we do best: train your dog.

We will start each week with an initial coaching session in your home to talk about your training goals. After this first meeting, your trainer will meet with your dog three times throughout the following week to run specialized puppy tutoring sessions while you are away at work. These sessions will jump-start the learning process and prepare the dog to recognize words and signals that you'll be using with your pup for the rest of their lives. 

  • A weekly package of our Tuff Pup Tutoring program includes one coaching session (with you) and three tutoring sessions (with just the dog).

  • A three-week package includes three coaching sessions (with you) and nine tutoring sessions (with just the dog). Also includes a $25 discount.

  • A six-week package includes six coaching sessions (with you) and twelve tutoring sessions (with just the dog). Also includes a $50 discount.

During our Coaching session with you

  • We teach you everything you need to know to raise your puppy (but of course we’re here to help)

  • You’ll learn how to use clicker training and powerful reinforcement habits with your pup.

  • We teach you how troubleshoot when you don’t get a requested behavior or if you experience an unwanted behavior from your dog. 

  • We give detailed outlines on the training games we’ll be working on with your dog so you can follow along. 

Our tutoring sessions with your dog will include:

  • Training practice on a variety of your chosen training topics and goals.

  • Videos and photos of your dog's learning process taken during the individual sessions. 

  • Email follow-ups on which training games we worked on during the tutoring appointments.

  • Training for loose-leash walking.

  • Training of all fundamental skills—we teach and sharpen your dog’s grasp of commands so that they quickly understand vocal or physical cues

  • Distraction training to improve your dog's attention to commands in a wide variety of distracting environments

This is your chance to have a Certified Professional Dog Trainer jump start your dog's training process and make your life easier. 

Want to know if your dog would be a good fit for our Puppy Tutoring Program? We are happy to discuss your dog's individual training needs in detail by phone. Contact us to find out more.


Our three week plan includes a $25 off and our six week program includes $50 off. We know you may have questions about our Puppy Tutoring Program. Please feel free to call us at (631) 379-6850 to discuss your puppy’s situation in more detail before scheduling.

Payment for the Tuff Puppy Tutoring program is made by credit card upon scheduling through our website’s scheduling page.



For our Tuff Puppy Tutoring program you can schedule your program through this direct scheduling link here. Please know, our Tuff Pup Tutoring program is only available to dog owners living in Center City Philadelphia, South Philly, Fairmount, West Philly and Northern Liberties. You’ll be just scheduling your first coaching appointment and the rest of the scheduling will be done in person with your trainer. However, we are happy to speak with you in detail before scheduling.

Feel free to call (631)-379-6850.

All training programs include phone or e-mail guidance between sessions to ensure the highest quality of service and a full understanding of the training techniques.