Trainer Only Practice Sessions

Trainer-Only practice Sessions:


We know your life is busy. We know it can be frustrating to have such limited time to train your dog. Tuff Pup Training has the solution: we can help train your dog for you!

Our trainer-only practice sessions are an optional add-on to our 1-on-1 training and coaching programs. These are additional sessions for your trainer and your dog to work together to jump start the learning process and strengthen your weekly practice.

Getting Started:

You can add trainer-only practice sessions to your current program at any time once you have started your puppy or basic obedience program. Just let your trainer know you're interested and they can discuss the additional scheduling and the details.  

How Many Appointments?

Tuff Pup Training currently offers 2 session and 4 session packages of trainer-only practice sessions. During each 60 minute practice session your trainer will work with your dog through a series of fun, powerful training games and enrichment activities. The training games are all focused on reaching the training goals you've discussed with your trainer during the normal appointments of your puppy or basic obedience program. These sessions will also include a chance for your dog to potty, have water breaks and playtime.

With your trainer jump starting your dog's training skills this way , you will be able to push your training activities further and faster with your dog already being familiar and skilled with the training challenges. Your trainer will review what was practiced with you and how to maintain your dog's training progress made over the practice sessions from the previous week.

You can add additional practice sessions at any time by contacting your trainer.

During our trainer-only practice sessions with your dog:

  • We play training games with your dog on a variety of your chosen training topics and goals. Typical skills we teach include sit, stay, down, settle, recall, leave-it, loose leash walking, etc.

  • We teach and sharpen your dog’s eye contact and grasp of commands so that they quickly understand vocal or physical cues from you. This includes improving your dog's attention to commands in a wide variety of distracting environments.

  • We try and take videos and photos of your dog's learning process and share them with you.

  • We leave notes for you on which training games we work on during day-training appointments.


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All training programs include phone or e-mail guidance between sessions to ensure the highest quality of service and a full understanding of the training techniques.


To schedule call (631) 379-6850 or send us a service inquiry through our contact Page to get recommendations on which program would be the best fit for your training goals.