Client Agreement:

Policies and Client Agreement:

At Tuff Pup Training we are dedicated to helping you create a strong and harmonious relationship with your dog(s). In order to receive the absolute best results and to ensure the training is safe and effective we ask that you review and implement the policies outlined below. After reading, please click on the agreement at the bottom of the page to show that you understand and agree to the Tuff Pup Training policies. If you have any questions about this client agreement please call (631) 379-6850 or email

> Cancellation policy: please provide 48 hours notice prior to your appointment start time of your need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Clients are responsible for the full cost of an appointment cancelled or rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice prior to scheduled appointment start time. This policy includes “no showing” to an appointment. We understand that our clients occasionally face emergencies that require late cancellation. However, because cancellations that occur within 48 hours of appointment start time can interfere with providing a high level of service and availability to all of our clients, we cannot make exceptions to our cancellation policy.

>  To provide full disclosure to my trainer of ALL necessary and relevant information pertaining to my dog, including his/her behavior and medical history prior to and throughout the duration of my program with Tuff Pup Training. This information is needed to structure an effective training plan.

>  To understand that real progress with my dog will only be made if I follow and practice all obedience training and behavior modification strategies consistently as assigned by my trainer.

>  To contact my Tuff Pup Training between appointments should a medical problem arise with my dog pertaining to the continuation of my sessions with Tuff Pup Training.

>  To prepare my dog for training appointments by allowing my dog appropriate time to relieve him/her self outside before each training session. I will also avoid feeding my dog a full meal 3 - 4 hours before training sessions since food will be used during the appointments.

>  To NOT hit, yell at, push, leash pop/jerk, “dominance down”, shake down, use a shock collar, pop in the nose or gag my dog during my training sessions. The use of these harsh methods will not only make your dog harder to train and more stressed they will be considered a serious breach of policies and may result in the cancellation of the full training program without reimbursement.

>  To use all of my lessons within my current program within 15 weeks (3 months) of the start date of the first appointment. I understand that if I do not use all of my sessions by this date, I will forfeit my remaining sessions unless I have discussed special circumstances with my trainer at the first session.

> To understand that all my appointments with Tuff Pup Training will be confirmed by an email calendar invite. If I do not receive an invite but believe that I have a scheduled appointment I will contact Tuff Pup Training immediately to confirm the status of my appointment.

> I, the dog owner/handler (client) of the dog named within my dog's registration form hereby agree that Matt Schimsky and any employees of Tuff Pup Training will not be liable for any damage or loss resulting from failure of the dog to respond to any cues or behaviors taught by Tuff Pup Training or resulting from counseling and advice supplied to the owner/handler about the dog. The dog’s behavior now and in the future is solely the responsibility of the owner/handler of the dog named in this form. Should any behavior on the dog’s part now or in the future result in damage to the property, owners or person or property of a third party, owner agrees to assume full responsibility for any and all such damage and to absolve Matt Schimsky and any agent of Tuff Pup Training from any and all obligation to pay such damages to owner/handler of third party. All dogs that are trained or otherwise handled or cared for by an owner/handler who receives instruction from Matt Schimsky or a Tuff Pup Training employee does so without any liability whatsoever against Matt Schimsky or any Tuff Pup Training employee for loss, damage from disease, death, running away, theft, fire, injury to or from persons, other dogs or property or by any other causes.

Photo Release Policies:

>  I, the dog owner/handler (client) of the dog named within my dog's registration form acknowledge that Tuff Pup Training may take photos of my dog(s) during training sessions for possible use on social media and the Tuff Pup Training website. I hereby grant and authorize Matt Schimsky and Tuff Pup Training the right to take, edit, copy, publish, distribute and make use of any pictures or videos taken of my dog to be used in and/or for promotional materials, including but not limited to, newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, advertisements, websites, social networking sites and other digital communications without payment or other consideration.

>  I acknowledge that I must make a direct request if I wish for photos of my dog to NOT be used on Tuff Pup Training social media.

>  I hereby release Matt Schimsky and Tuff Pup Training from all claims and liability relating to said images. I understand and agree that these materials shall become the property of Tuff Pup Training. I understand that Tuff Pup Training will be happy to share copies of these pictures with me upon request.

Please click "I have READ and and AGREE to the terms of Tuff Pup Training's client agreement and policies." on your registration form when scheduling your first appointment.