Phone Consultations

Phone consultations

No matter where you live, you now have direct access to Tuff Pup Training's brand of powerful, positive dog training advice.

Are you baffled by some new behavior you’ve seen from your dog?

Perhaps you're out of our service area but still need to talk training advice with a fresh pair of ears.

Tuff Pup Training offers behavior consultations by phone so you can get the help that you need, faster. 

How it helps:

  • Consultations can guide dog owners to ease the transition of a newly adopted dog into their home.

  • Phone consultations can offer guidance on getting multiple dogs in the same home to co-exist.

  • We can troubleshooting potty training issues.

  • We troubleshoot separation anxiety cases.

  • We offer general "how to teach" inquiries and can smooth out concerns of training mechanics, techniques and philosophies.

  • We can offer guidance with random dog behavior questions.

How it works:

  • First, send us a quick scheduling inquiry:

  • Then, fill out a registration form about your dog so we can jump right into the details of your questions (unless you are already a current client who has filled out a form for a previous program.)

  • You'll get an email confirming a call time.

  • You'll talk with a professional dog trainer for one hour on the phone and assess the behavior concern. We'll organize a plan to prevent the unwanted behavior and get you some relief. We’ll send you an outline of the plan with resources to support your training. We’ll be here to troubleshoot any problems or answer any questions along the way.  


Below is our phone consultation pricing. You can view our full pricing menu for all of our training programs by clicking hERE. Payments for phone consultations are maid by credit card