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Reactive Dog-owner Support Community:

Please join Tuff Pup Training's reactive dog-owners support community. Perhaps you have a dog who overreacts whenever they see other dogs (or people). Tuff Pup Training offers weekly practice opportunities with the guidance of a trainer. Sign up by clicking below and enjoy the additional training support. After signing up, you'll be directed to our community support page where you can see the schedule of training walks, additional details, and resources.

How can joining this group be helpful?

Being the owner of a reactive, aggressive or fearful dog can be very stressful. Even if a dog owner works with a professional trainer, it helps to see how other dog owners are working through these issues. It's helpful to hear what works and what doesn't from other people who have gone through it. If you are new to this canine behavior problem here are some resources on the subject you might find interesting...

We recommend joining this group if you'd like to...

  • Get additional support with your dog's training plan. 
  • Find practice partners for B.A.T (Behavior Adjustment Training)  and L.A.T. (Look At That) training exercises.
  • Join group training walks and find your pup safer social opportunities.
  • Share ideas (what works what doesn't) with people interested in modern, humane and fun training methods.