Advanced Obedience

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Advanced Manners and Tricks Program:

This program is for dogs who have gone through the Tuff Pup Training basic manners program. This is the most flexible of the programs offered as we gear the training toward the goals set by the individual owner. If you want to take your dog to the next level, consider this program and please feel free to contact us to discuss the program in more detail.

This program CAN include:

  • 6 one-hour sessions meeting once a week for 6 weeks.

  • Sharpening of and expanding on all the basic commands and exercises.

  • Training geared toward advanced goals such as:

    • Training for off-leash opportunities (hiking, walking or play)

    • Emergency recall (dog whistle training)

    • Preparation for Canine Good Citizen test (CGC)

    • Advanced scent retrieval (find a specific object by name)

    • Self-control practice for smart, but hyperactive or high-energy dogs.

    • Training for the the dog sport of musical freestyle.

    • Training for any chosen trick.


Below is our advanced program pricing. You can view our full pricing menu for all of our training programs by clicking hERE.


To schedule call (631) 379-6850 or send us a service inquiry through our contact Page to get recommendations on which program would be the best fit for your training goals.



All training programs include phone or e-mail guidance between sessions to ensure the highest quality of service and a full understanding of the training techniques.